Regional Consultation

Belgium has a long tradition of regional cooperation within Europe, just think of its pioneering role within the Benelux Union and the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). Logically, Belgium is therefore looking beyond its own national borders for the development of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP).

In 2018, in its role as president of the Benelux, Belgium took the lead to organize the cross-border cooperation in the frame of the National Energy and Climate Plans. This eventually resulted in a political declaration signed by the Benelux countries, but also by Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. These countries were not chosen by chance: they are all part of the Pentalateral Energy Forum. The existing fruitful cooperation regarding electricity made this forum the favoured choice to expand with wider energy and climate issues.

In 2019, several bilateral consultations between these countries took place in order to be able to complete the final NECPs. In this way, the obligations(*) to consult neighbouring countries were also met in the frame of regional cooperation. It goes without saying that the regional partners will keep their finger on the pulse of possible adjustments and updates to the plans for the coming decade.


More information:

  • Benelux Declaration on Regional Cooperation in the Elaboration of Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans                 

  • Political Declaration of the Pentalateral Energy Forum on Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans 

  • Presentation of the regional consultation on the draft Belgian integrated national energy and climate plan of 4 September 2019

(*) Article 11 of the Governance Regulation.